Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Third time's a Charm!

Thanks to our buddy Dan and the gang at Old Gold Garage for ending the last weekend with a bang! The Ventura Nationals were great and it was good to see all of you out there, but the real icing on the cake was Dan's party for his 3rd annual open house. We got to wind down with all our best buddies and see some new ones too! Quite a few peeps sporting EC gear and that's always appreciated. Two lucky bastards even went home with some new helmet goodies. Our new friend Jimmy was the proud winner of a flat black Troop 1 and Josh took the Troop facemask home! Both were totally stoked, and we were stoked that they were... well... stoked!! It's great that guys that will actually ride the stuff into the ground picked them up rather than some random. We dig random folks for sure, but these parts were made to be ridden! Josh even rode in with another past customer Steve, who was hoping to pick up the face mask for himself! Now they can wrestle for it or somethin. Thanks to all the gang and people who turned out to show support for the Ventura show, Dan's Old Gold, and all the rest of the cool folks who helped put this thing on. All-around great time!

Jimmy showin the happy horns!

And Josh with his his new mask!

The whole shebang!

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