Friday, January 28, 2011

New Old stuff up for grabs!

And great stuff at that! First up is the '53 Buick Special. Too much to list on this baby, but the main stand-outs are Chevy 350 / TH350 drivetrain, 89 TA front and rear with 4 wheel disc brakes, air supply compressor for rear shocks, nosed, decked, tons of nice frenching, 4" chop is one of the best you'll ever see, and tons of other small details that make her stand out everywhere you take her. Runs strong, needs very little to be a daily if that's your thing. She'll make the distance with no trouble at all. Got interest? Give us a shout on the email at and we'll give all the remaining details and start horse-trading.

Thanks to Dave Herren for most of these shots (the non crappy-cam phone ones!).

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yep, Warbird Jr. is back in stock and ready to go! Just sent out the mass of emails to everyone on the waiting list, so get 'em while they're still here. Thanks for all the patience and hope you dig 'em as much as we do. Maybe we'll actually be able to use one for ourselves this go round! Oh yeah, also got a handful of Rodder lights to go along with them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More new stock!

Everyone's favorite F-word is back in stock to light up your rear. Grab 'em while they last!

Up and Coming!

Your favorite local Douches are throwing a shin-dig this coming month and I'm bummed I won't be there! You don't have the same excuse though, so get your calendar out and prepare your best outfits. If you're out of clothing, you can hope to get your hands on some of the freebies they'll be handing out... I hear there might be some EC stuff there.

It Lives!!

The Born Free Knuckle is showing some growth and signs of life. Last weekend at the LB Swap, the weather was perfect and the stars aligned to allow the beast to show itself for the first time. Perfect stance in my opinion. Somebody's gonna be a lucky SOB soon...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Weekend that Was...

Well, all-in-all, it was an OK weekend. Could've been headed toward greatness, but you know how it goes. Saturday was spent cleaning up the new '67 van we picked up Friday to sell. Got it pretty straight and loaded for the swap, which was good, but not until nearly 4:30pm, which was bad. Bad, because I was supposed to show support for the Born Free / Utility Board Shop ride and totally hosed out and missed it while waiting for tires on the new box. No prob, right? Dice party followed the ride, so I'll just head out and meet everyone there right? Right??? Nope. Got the bike going and shot down the highway right as the sun started to call it quits and got as far as University and the 215 when I lost the front tire... not all at once, but quick enough that it puckered the butt a little. Just a little. Pulled off and hit the nearest gas station as the last gasp escaped the tube. Aired her back up and watched as it hissed its way back down. Reach for the trusty phone to call reinforcements and... uh... yeah... phone... that'd be a good thing to take with you right?

Oh well, no phone and no front tire make for a bad gig in my opinion. Not to mention I was a little ticked from the tire place dicking me around so long and then my usually trusty garage door giving up the ghost as I was trying to get the bike out, so maybe it just wasn't in the cards. Like a keystone cops movie, my day ended. Down the street from Denny's, so I limped there and grabbed grub and borrowed a phone book. Dude next to me at the bar starts chatting about this and that and leads to bikes. Tell him that I usually love mine, but tonight is a bitch. He sits there a split second and says, "let me finish this and I'll give you a hand." He literally gulps his food down and then takes off saying he'll be right back. No shit, he shows up with a flatbed truck and tie-downs and gets me down the road without even asking for anything in return. It's not even his work truck, just something he "had lying around". Big thanks to Tom and I'll pay that one forward ASAP.

Turns out the stem was loose and bent, so easy fix on the tire it seems, and actually, being home and in bed before 9 made the swap easier anyway... now about that guy that "bought" the van...

More stuff back in stock!

Restocks keep rolling in, and this week we've got the LoPro Frisco brackets for both 03 down and 04 up Sportys along with clear flip bases and LoPro Solo Seats in diamond tuck. Also got chrome headlight brackets, so get yours while they last and keep an eye out for lights back in stock by next week if all goes well! We've got fingers and toes crossed at our end.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MEDIUM pads back in stock for TROOPS!

That's right, we finally got medium padding back in stock for the TROOP 1 and 2. Can do you one up in no time, so contact us if you've been waiting. We sent out a batch of emails to the waiting list, but sometimes that wonderful spam box gets us, so we're shouting it out here too.

Only colors we are still out of are Flat Black. Those are on the way, so keep holding your breath. Well... maybe not literally. I don't think our insurance policy covers the whole drop dead from lack of air thing.

We also got a new batch of Whatsel fenders and LoPro seats for your '03 and down Sporty, so check those out along with the new LoPro Switcheroo switch sets!

Busy Weekend Coming!

You know, I was thinking that it was going to be quiet until at least March, but boy was I wrong. It's already in full-swing around here and only looks to get busier. Check us out this weekend at the Utility Board Shop ride Saturday and then the DICE release party afterward. Then bright and early Sunday, we'll be at the swap doing our thing to kick off the first of the year!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lovely Weekend...

Ok, enough of the sappy 'love' references. Just know that it was a weekend filled with great times! Good to see the crowd turnout at Jeremiah's for the show. That man has his shit dialed pretty well, and the event had a little bit for everyone. Bikes galore, good folks, good food, good skate ramp, good vendors, did I mention tamales, beverages, and arm wrestling!! The crowd was stoked and the place was packed from start to finish. Shawn and I took off a little early with Allen and Travis in order to get my Whataburger fix taken care of, then off to a bar where they let dogs crap on the floor. Good times and lots of helmetless riding to bring back my Texas days.

Sunset Friday... almost there

The other side of that sunset... scary Canadian and some random dudes in a hippy machine!

Random dude number 2 - aka "Dean" found a proper bumper sticker for the hippy machine. Random Dude number 1 tries hard not to crack...

This was not the dog poop bar - Jeremiah looking sexy and Matt taking a picture the wrong direction.

Ah, yes, the show!

The bikes out front were only about a third of what showed. 

Raffle goodness

Luckiest man alive - Free EC schwag from the raffle

This is the dog poop bar... and also where they spank Canadians.

Friday, January 14, 2011

There and Back Again...

Yesterday Bill from Biltwell and I shot across the Inland Empire like we were being chased by hell itself. Tons done, and tons of fun! Slim, Jeremy, Steve, Skrotum (can't spell it!), Paul, Mike, the rest of the gang at Spitfire and last, but never least - Wompy. A long list of good guys and better times had while jaunting around the land taking care of biz and showing some love. These guys keep the fire burning all year round and are some of the best in the biz!

Support the Killer of Hippies!!

Kutty Noteboom is good people. Period. As if you needed another reason to support him, he also happens to fab killer bikes and parts. And if that doesn't convince you, then he also throws one of the best events of the year - the Hoedown! If that ain't enough, then I'll pitch in for your lobotomy and we'll call it a day. Go check him out, buy some stuff and put the show on your calendar. We're happy to be a supporter and we'll see ya there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Headed for Love!

Follow us out to the great town of Phoenix for the Love Cycle 2nd Anniversary party this coming weekend! Looks to be a good time with a ton of folks heading out and great hospitality from the Arizona locals.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Troop MOTO has Arrived!

Yep, they are here and stocked! Get yours while they last. If the past couple of months are any indication of things to come, I can guarantee that these won't hang around long! To celebrate and help ring in the new year, we've also lowered the price of the entire TROOP lineup to 169.99! Same quality and features that you've grown to know and love at a nice price. Thanks to all that have supported us and allowed us to grow our manufacturing to a point where we can pass these savings along.

Now pick your jaw up and go get one HERE!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's been moved!!

The Street Chopper Release Party has been moved to Sunday instead of Saturday. I'll be there even though it now interrupts my Sunday Zen Hour with the local knitting gang! The Pike In LB, be there or be...