Friday, August 20, 2010

Get Those Orders In!!!

We're getting close to launch time for the EC-heads-East run, so get your orders in now! All orders received before 5pm Saturday, August 21st (tomorrow) will be shipped out by Monday the 23rd. After that, it'll be hit-or-miss as to when things ship out. Hate to be slackers, but the truth is that this trip will put a damper on shipping for at least a week while we do the cross-country thing.

We pride ourselves on quick shipping and customer service, so please forgive us during this hiatus! We'll be back up to full-speed on September 2 for sure, so hang in there! If you're out east and are going to the Gypsy Run and want something in particular, shoot us an email at and we'll bring it for you. Hand-delivery, it doesn't get much better!

Looking forward to seeing all your ugly muggs out east, so get ready!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


OK folks, we're just one of many sponsors looking to do our part to help out a fellow rider and all-around good dude - Lee Bender. Lee's been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He's facing bills of over 30g's just for work that really doesn't even help him out so far. Our government and so many others won't allow the procedures that, while being experimental, are actually doing good against MS, because the drug companies won't make a buck if they do. Lee's shooting for going overseas to get a procedure that has already helped a ton of folks and can actually remove most if not all the symptoms of MS. We're all stepping up, and so can you. Check the site for all the info on how you can help out even if you don't plan to attend.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Troop mask goodness!

Another one from our buddy Michael showing that the Troop 3 looks even better with a bubble visor! Great work man, looks killer and check it out next to that old Simpson!

Monday, August 9, 2010

We Care A Lot

Really, we do. We've heard from a few customers that a template or something would help with installation of the Troop face masks. Well, we listened. While we can't really make a template, since each mask is hand made and slightly different, we could make instructions. Now, we're not really instruction-making-people, but we gave it our best shot and here's what we came up with. Feel free to copy this or if you order a mask, you'll magically get it in the box anyways!

Troop Masks for all!

Here's Ian's new Troop 3 face mask on his new Motoflake helmet. Looks great man, thanks for the support!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Troop1 Spotted!

Thanks to Blue Collar Chris for grabbing this shot of our buddy George down at the Rooster Cafe. Sorry we missed this month, hopefully, we'll be back from Gypsy Run in time to make the one in September!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Backstreet Buckets is doin' the TROOP!

Our buddy Scott over at Backstreet Buckets is now offering custom painted Troop lids for your pleasure. He's getting his first shipment from us any day now and we can't wait to see what he dreams up for 'em! Go check him out and get your order in quick. I'm sure he'll be stoked to knock one out of the park for ya!


Man that was a long-ass trip! Great time had by all and big thanks shoot out to Bulldog, Choppy and the gang that put on the Twine Ball Run! Bill and McGoo from Biltwell, along with Joel, Lori, Dan and I all shot out to the heartland to have some fun and make some new friends. Mission Accomplished! We had everything from epic riding to motorhome hotlaps around the horse track, to crazy sunrise donuts in the infield, and on and on. Pics to follow as we get some time to actually dig through everything and clean out the truck... ha!