Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gettin' some love!

We mentioned our buddy Steve yesterday and how he brought fellow rider Josh out to the Old Gold party only to watch him take home the Troop facemask raffle prize. Well, Steve got his mask a while back and sent us these pics of him putting it to the test. We're not sure how he got his license since he looks like he's under the age of... say... 10, but more power to him! Hopefully he wraps some socks around his dome to get a better fit on that lid, but we'll leave that all to his better judgement! Thanks for the pics Steve, and good to see you out there!

Troop 2 gettin ready for some paint...

He must have some high pegs and skinny bars...

And here's the real Steve at the Old Gold show prooving that these things are much better when used!

Great lookin lid and the kid ain't so bad either! Thanks again Steve!

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