Sunday, June 24, 2012


Man, have I been slacking! No Born Free posts in a while, and the damn show is next Saturday! If you've never been, you need to clear the calendar for next weekend (June 29,30) so you can come experience first-hand what Mike and Grant have put together. It keeps getting bigger, and somehow the mass of bikes and humanity keeps getting better. If you've been before, we shouldn't have to explain. It's good times and a great opportunity to meet and hang with some of the best folks around. Oh, and it's at a big enough place, that you can easily avoid the pricks too!

Anywho, the show is Saturday the 30th, and there's absolutely no reason to miss it. People are coming from across the globe and it's well worth the trip. EC will be there with the Speedmetal crew from Denver with some low-cost swag to dress you up too. No big booth or sales crew this year, as I figure it's about time to actually enjoy this thing with the crowd! Grab me if you see me and get some stickers or whatever else I have in my pocket.

Here's the bulk of the videos that have been posted by and for the builders this year, so take a minute to see what's happening, and then pack up and hit the road to California!

Dave Barker

Walt Gemeinhardt

Wil Thomas

Andy Carter

Jeff Leighton

Dave Polgreen

Steve Buchanan

Todd Asin

Speed Merchant

Rene Astengo

Max Schaaf

Matt Olsen

Michael Barragan

Tyler Lepore

Joe Lingley