Monday, July 19, 2010

We love this shit!

Ok, every now and again, we get riled up enough to do things like use curse words in our headings. This is one of those times. Took off and had an epic trip with a great group of guys going up north to the GV roll-in. Lots of headaches and heartbreaks along the way. 5 bikes limped back out of 12 or so that started the journey, but bonds were made that will last a long time. If the journey is really the reason for living, this one proved it all! Top it off, got back and found that our buddy Kyle had dropped this in our box to show some love!

Kyle's stoked on some product he got, and we're totally stoked... well... that Kyle's stoked!! It's getting together with great people both in person and through long-distance biz that makes all this worth it! Thanks Kyle, looking forward to seeing you in the flesh at the Twine Ball run!

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KROWN said...

hahaha good shit Craze!! Cant wait to party with ya brother!!!