Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gettin' some love!

Chris just shot us these pics of his sporty with the new LoPro diamond tuck seat on it. Looks good and he's stoked, and we couldn't ask for more! Got a sporty that still wears that factory seat? Get with the program and pick up a LoPro over at the STORE!

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spuddley said...

I finally found a cool little seat with a quilted diamond shaped stitch pattern. Nice quality, too. I think that it is groovy. Very nice fit and finish! I love doing business with a class act, and both eternalcombustion and TT&Co seem to be JUST THAT. BTW, i do not know these dudes from Adam's housecat, have never done business with them before and rarely write reviews of any sort. But, I did go to high school in Fresno in the seventies! (??)