Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show Class Rules. Period.

Ok, we don't get to excited about much over here, but this time is different. Tim and the gang at Show Class have absolutely killed it with the mag! Just got our care package today and couldn't be more stoked. Seriously. They hit it out of the park on issue number one. Being completely honest, I have to admit that I usually open a mag, immediately look for our ad and then flip through the pages checking out the pictures all A.D.D. style. Then I'll get back to it a while later when I catch a minute of free time.

Not this time.

I started doing the ad hunt, and got lost immediately in the stories and writing that surrounds the pics. Blew my whole process up! Refreshing to see a rag that speaks the language people speak around the bar / campfire / gas pump. Nevermind the fact that the bikes are cool, the entire package jumps out. It's tough to get tired of Fingers' stories and some of the other spots like Lady Parts better become regular features too. I hope they keep this up, because I know now that I'll be keeping eyes peeled on the post for the next issue!

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