Monday, June 27, 2011

The Day After the Day After...

Finally back at the ranch and settled in after the big show. Mike, Grant and the team really outdid themselves this go-round. Best show and all-around vibe to be had in a very long time. The only down side at Born Free, is that I never get to see everyone or spend enough time with those I do see. This year, I didn't even get the handful of photos that we were able to sneak in at the last one. It was gogogogogo from start to finish. There's plenty to see out in web land, so go hit up the blog roll and see for yourself (assuming you're one of the unlucky ones that missed the show) how out-of-this-world BF3 was!

Glad to have been a sponsor and will continue to support this show and the vision these guys have for as long as it goes on!

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