Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo thievery!

I like to think that since I'm usually busting too much ass at the shows we venture out to, that I can take the liberty to snatch photos from those who do a much better job at it than I do... sound good? Don't care. This time, our buddy Josh Kurpius is the victim, and here's a few from him that show off the MN trip. Check him out over at the LODGE.

The FMA boys were there

Got to meet Hans and he even picked up a Troop!

It rained quite a bit, and other than the wind at the first show, didn't much care since it knocked the heat down.

Joe and Polgreen. Tons of good folks at this one.

Totally spaced at the Bearded Lady and forgot about the dang pig trophies... should've entered the pan!

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