Monday, July 25, 2011

Out with the old, and in with the... old??

Just got done out in Minnesota and hit the road back to South Dakota. Great weekend and great people again for sure! We've got some last-minute cleaning up to do in California the rest of this week, and then it's back to Sturgis for some good times. Been great putting faces to names of people we've met online or sent orders to and catching up with friends we don't see often enough! Here's a couple shots of the journey so far.

Biltwell lids pleased the crowd in Denver-

A cool knife prize pleased Show Class Tim in Minneapolis...

Getting this care package from the Biltwell crew pleased me when it finally caught up to us! Yes, that's limited edition artwork and no, you can't have it!

A grip of bikes packed into the Heavy shop in St Paul to escape the torrential downpour.

On the road once more...

Pretty cool views out in America -

And to top it all off, this guy stopped by to show his pop's biz card from way back and to let us know how much he dug the pan. His old man made that fender back in the day! The good times just keep on rolling in!

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