Monday, March 15, 2010

She's Home!

Oh yeah. We made it! Mike D and I scooted up to Sacramento Saturday to pick up the Combustion Van and weren't overly confident when ol' boy showed up with it. Not only was he 5 hours late to the meeting, but he was saying the Ujoints were going out and thought it would be best if we trailered it home. Great one genius... It's 6pm on Sunday and you expect us to find a trailer? Plus, Mike's Truck wouldn't stand a chance of towing the beast over the Grapevine, so we just manned up and jammed back.

I'll have more time to go through it this week, but I'm pretty sure dude had no idea what he was talking about. Not a single strange shimmy or shake to her in my opinion. Blasted the whole way back at around 70-80MPH and it just hummed right along. More updates as we start decking her out. '73 Ford Econo 100 Long box. She's a beaut!

Welcome home!

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