Friday, January 28, 2011

New Old stuff up for grabs!

And great stuff at that! First up is the '53 Buick Special. Too much to list on this baby, but the main stand-outs are Chevy 350 / TH350 drivetrain, 89 TA front and rear with 4 wheel disc brakes, air supply compressor for rear shocks, nosed, decked, tons of nice frenching, 4" chop is one of the best you'll ever see, and tons of other small details that make her stand out everywhere you take her. Runs strong, needs very little to be a daily if that's your thing. She'll make the distance with no trouble at all. Got interest? Give us a shout on the email at and we'll give all the remaining details and start horse-trading.

Thanks to Dave Herren for most of these shots (the non crappy-cam phone ones!).

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