Monday, January 17, 2011

A Lovely Weekend...

Ok, enough of the sappy 'love' references. Just know that it was a weekend filled with great times! Good to see the crowd turnout at Jeremiah's for the show. That man has his shit dialed pretty well, and the event had a little bit for everyone. Bikes galore, good folks, good food, good skate ramp, good vendors, did I mention tamales, beverages, and arm wrestling!! The crowd was stoked and the place was packed from start to finish. Shawn and I took off a little early with Allen and Travis in order to get my Whataburger fix taken care of, then off to a bar where they let dogs crap on the floor. Good times and lots of helmetless riding to bring back my Texas days.

Sunset Friday... almost there

The other side of that sunset... scary Canadian and some random dudes in a hippy machine!

Random dude number 2 - aka "Dean" found a proper bumper sticker for the hippy machine. Random Dude number 1 tries hard not to crack...

This was not the dog poop bar - Jeremiah looking sexy and Matt taking a picture the wrong direction.

Ah, yes, the show!

The bikes out front were only about a third of what showed. 

Raffle goodness

Luckiest man alive - Free EC schwag from the raffle

This is the dog poop bar... and also where they spank Canadians.

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