Sunday, April 11, 2010

Street Chopper Release Fun

Had a great ride with the crew yesterday. Mike D, DB/LB and I added in Bill from Biltwell, BF Josh, Wompy, and Jammer and had a great time on the short jaunt over to Chino and Roscoe's. That place is actually pretty decent too. Great food (and way too much of it) and great bikes as usual. If you came, glad to see you... If you missed it, you better get your act together before this next weekend and make sure we see you at the Hoedown!

Wompy checkin' out the forks on the '79

This pan had to be the sweetest thing there...

Or maybe it was this flatty...

Or it might have been Slim's van... I can't get enough of this monster!

Thanks go out to Mr. Holt and the SC team for putting on a great shin-dig. We'll definitely see ya at the next one too!

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