Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hittin' the highway!

The whole EC crew is off to Phoenix for the weekend to get Star Wars tattoos. Yeah, you heard me. STAR. WARS. I'm thinking of getting a wookie screwin' an ewok. On my left butt cheek even. I'll take pics for all the adoring fans.

In other news...
We'll keep you posted on helmet developments as we get 'em in. I'm hoping for the second week of May, but I'm not holding my breath. The world's shipping industry has been shot to crap in this economy and small dudes like us just have to grind it out when getting things sent stateside. We've got everyone who's signed up so far handled with the first stock order. They're moving fast though, so if you're hoping to get your hands on a Troop helmet, let us know via email and we'll pull 'em back for you as they hit. Don't get left out!

If you order something today or through the weekend, it'll ship Monday after we get back from the desert. Thanks for all the support!

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