Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From the Horse's Mouth!

So everyone is on the same page, here's the news with regards to TT&Co. parts.

The Troop helmets are being discontinued according to everything I'm being told and can understand. Also, since the wonderful economy of Japan and our ever-sinking US dollar are colliding to make the last batch of lids around 300 bucks retail, we're not bringing any more over. Sorry, that's not value the way we define it here. SO...

There are a few of the Troop1s and 2s left and a smattering of MOTOs lying around too. We're not putting them up on the site, so if you want one of the LAST ones, email us with your hat size and address to ship to, and we'll see what we can do. Email to sales@eternalcombustion.com


Unless the world changes drastically in the next few days, we won't be seeing these anymore.

As for the other parts, they suffer the same BS story of how the exchange rate has driven prices up over 70%. We don't like price increases, so we aren't going to be doing this song and dance here. What you see on the STORE is what there is pretty much, although if you're jonesing for something that says it's out of stock, give us a shout and we'll verify. Again, it'll be a "once and done" kind of thing, so be prepared to pick up whatever you've been drooling over now!

Lots of other big things cooking around the shop, so keep tuned in and we'll update you as we get nearer to completion!

Thanks as always from the EC team.

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