Monday, March 7, 2011

We love when new stuff hits!!

Two new parts in the door today and we think you'll be just as stoked as we are! First up is the big daddy to the warbird jr. Poppa Bird is 6 1/4 wide x 4 3/4 tall and 1 3/4 deep. Sports a standard 1157 socket for either dual filament bulbs or LED replacement style jobbies. Chrome plastic housing and plastic lid with two mounting studs out the back. Been looking for the perfect old Warbird? Well, gone are the days of thinking that it takes a grand to get you one. These babies do the job at a fraction of the price!

Next up is the new Finger light. Small light with a big message! Tons of LED brightness in a 1 /78 width x 2 3/4 height package. Grab one of these before they follow in the bird jr. footsteps and disappear!

We also have a few warbird Jr. and OG Ally lights back in stock, but they'll probably be gone before you read this, so be quick!

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Chico said...

Craze my brutha,
hit me up at my email addy:

it's about the popa bird.
i cant log into my acct.