Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iowa was the place to be!

While I was out bouncing around New York roadways with the crew out east, my good friend and cohort, Steve Wright was doing the good deeds out in Iowa at the Dirtbag event that the boys from Lords of Loud were putting on! He and the Heavy boys represented big time. Even gave us a little space on the bench to have EC show some love! Even though the clouds hung heavy on 'em the whole time and tried hard to ruin the fun, they made it through, and it looks like everyone had a blast. Look forward to hitting up whatever those Loud boys throw at us next!

The Heavy / Sacred Steel / EC table in full effect

And Mr. Bass' amazing knuck

Big thanks to Steve and Jen for holding it down! We love you guys!


Doc14 said...

Right on Craze, it was a great time, next time better drag your ass to a Lords of Loud event. Gotta get something bigger and better for the MidWest!

Craze! said...

Would have been there in a heartbeat if it didn't conflict with the whole New York trip. Next time holmes!