Friday, August 20, 2010

Get Those Orders In!!!

We're getting close to launch time for the EC-heads-East run, so get your orders in now! All orders received before 5pm Saturday, August 21st (tomorrow) will be shipped out by Monday the 23rd. After that, it'll be hit-or-miss as to when things ship out. Hate to be slackers, but the truth is that this trip will put a damper on shipping for at least a week while we do the cross-country thing.

We pride ourselves on quick shipping and customer service, so please forgive us during this hiatus! We'll be back up to full-speed on September 2 for sure, so hang in there! If you're out east and are going to the Gypsy Run and want something in particular, shoot us an email at and we'll bring it for you. Hand-delivery, it doesn't get much better!

Looking forward to seeing all your ugly muggs out east, so get ready!

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