Sunday, June 13, 2010

One word... EPIC!

Born Free is in the history books now and it was truly epic. Best place ever to come see good people and more amazing scoots than ever assembled in one place in a very long time. We'd like to thank everyone that showed up and came to say hello. For EC, this was the best show ever! Met a ton of people we only knew from the internet, more that we didn't know at all, and generated more interest in our schtuff than we could handle. Big thanks to those that bought gear from us! It's always appreciated tons.

Biggest cool factor of the show was all the interest in the Troop helmets taking hold and watching people go grab everyone they could to show 'em off. You guys are our best salespeople by far! So much thanks for the great words.

Biggest bummer of the show was the lack of time to get to hang with everyone since we were so busy, and the fact that being locked in the booth means missing most of the bikes! Did get some bitchin' shots before the flood came in though and got to mingle with our buddies a little. Great seeing Walt from Kickstart, George from Spartan Frameworks, Michael from Evil Spirit, the Moon Eyes crew (thanks Shige!), the Bolts Action crew, and everyone else that we got to shoot the shit with a while. All the regulars turned out in force, but it was the non-local set that wowed us the most. People from EVERYWHERE. Finally met the Joe King crew from Brazil, who are stoked on the Troop lids and they actually had me sign their "vacation helmet"! Australia, France, Spain, UK, Germany... crap man, we met the entire planet! Coolest folks from around the world and we're glad to have made all the new friends.

The biggest thanks are in order for both the Born and Free sides of this event. Those boys pulled out all the stops and created a living, breathing, beast of a show! You guys rock.

Gratuitous bike shot. I'll post more over on the Simple Math site for sure.

This was the street just after we set up. 9am. 3 HOURS before the show even opened!

This might have been 10:30. Anyway, you get the idea. It was already big before the gates really opened. This was about the last image I got of the general area before the crowds got so big, we had to be rooted in the booth. Great times!

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